Core Fruition

Well That Didn't Take Long

As you can see we are now flying under a new banner: Core Fruition!  In less than two hours from my last post I had the answer to my naming quandary from Paul Goracke, and I can’t thank him enough.

When I saw Paul’s suggestion my first thought was, “That’s an awesome name!”. My second thought was, “That sounds really close to another popular Cocoa site…”  Not wanting to step on any toes, I decided to throw the name into some focus testing, asking a bunch of high ranking folks for their gut reaction.  Here are the results:

Mickey Roberson: “That’s not bad”

Bill Dudney: “Frution is too ‘hard to read’, but not gut reaction is I like it … cool name”

Danny Greg: “rip off of core intuition, other then that – nice”

Jeff LaMarche: “I like it.”

Dave Verwer: “I like Core Fruition”

Brent Watson: “I like it”

Marcus Zarra: “I like it. Makes me think of learning cocoa”

As you can see, most folks liked it with only Danny giving me the reaction I was afraid of, which wasn’t enough to keep me from pulling the trigger.  I’d like to thank everyone for submitting names and cool ideas, and especially Paul for hooking me up with a winner.  Now, if some intrepid graphic designer would like to hook me up with a sweet logo…