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cocoaFusion:The New Podcast All About Cocoa

For those of you waiting for the next great thing in Cocoa development podcasts I humbly submit cocoaFusion:.

cocoaFusion: is hosted by Kevin Hoctor of MoneyWell fame, and Danny Greg the lead developer on Realmac Software’s most recent release, LittleSnapper. The pair decided to start a podcast of their own after being introduced on one of Scotty’s excellent Mac Developer Network shows.

The idea behind cocoaFusion: is for each Kevin and Danny to cover a coding problem that they’ve faced down since the last episode. The first episode has Kevin relating his experiences with NSDateFormatter while Danny goes in depth on NSPredicateEditor.

While the pair admits to some rough edges in the first episode, the overall quality of the show’s production and the ease with which Danny and Kevin relate to each other makes for a fantastic show that’s a pleasure to listen to.

cocoaFusion: can be found on the web at and in iTunes by following this link.

If you’d like to hear more from Kevin you can read his blog, Entrepreneurial Seduction or follow him on Twitter.

Danny’s musings can be found on his blog at and also on his Twitter page.